2013 is proving to be quite a busy year for both Ruth & Derek. Coffee in the vestry with Vera has proved itself to be a popular and successful project for Ruth. If you did not get to see it you really did miss a treat. A well observed and superbly crafted piece of theatre. A great little package that I am sure will pop up again and again. We shall endeavour to keep you informed of any further outings for Vera in the very near future.
Meanwhile, Derek has been busy working with Bristol based company, Myrtle Theatre. Their latest show – HOT AIR – written by Mike Akers and directed by Heather Williams, opened at The Tobacco Factory on the 24th July and runs until Saturday 10th August.
Hot Air is a touching, funny and beautiful piece of storytelling that celebrates the people of Bristol and one of it legendary industries. There is a fantastic music score composed by Kieran Buckeridge with some brilliant songs using verbatim. All very challenging but a joy to perform. Do try and catch it if you are in Bristol.

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