New Show

Just before Christmas Derek and Ruth performed fifteen minutes of a new piece in the brand new theatre space within the Theatre Royal Plymouth. The Lab is hosting scratch nights facilitated by New ModelTheatre and this was the second outing. With it being so close to Christmas we decided to theme it so we chose Johnny Mathis’ Christmas hit ‘When a Child is Born’ as a starting point. We had decided on our characters, who we chanced upon on our walk last year(see our post ‘Starting to Drift’) so we just had to come up with a back story. We also decided to play around with using little dialogue, to see if any of the back story was relayed through body language and interactions.I mean this is what scratch nights are for right, to experiment. After some really positive feedback we are now going to work it up into a show for the summer, whether we keep Johnny Mathis, we will have to see!

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