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Located on Plymouth’s historic Hoe, in the shadow of The Citadel, lies a hidden secret: The Old Jewish Cemetery. Contained within high stone walls it has always remained hidden from public view. The only clue to its existence…an insignificant door.
In 2016 that door was opened and for the first time in its history the general public were given the opportunity to take a look inside. With the aid of funding from Vital Sparks and the Drake Foundation an audio trail was created in the garden cemetery, bringing to life the lives of those buried within this hidden gem.
In 1740 this plot was a family garden; today it is a calm oasis that hides a wealth of history and culture.




Our research…

Black, Doris BA The Plymouth Synagogue 1761-1961  Synagogue Publication

Fry, Helen (2915) The Jews of Plymouth Halsgrove: Somerset

Fry, Helen (2912) Jewish Cemeteries of Devon. e-book

Susser, Bernard BA (1972) An Account of the Old Jewish Cemetery on Plymouth Hoe. Bro-Cards:Plymouth

Susser, Bernard (1993) The Jews of South-West England: the rise and decline of their medieval and modern communities. The Exeter University Press:Exeter

Thanks to Georgina Bellem and Jonathan Nicholson for sharing their family history with us and writing the biographies of their ancestors Rachel Bellem and Kitty Levi, buried in this ground. Also to Janet Henwood for sharing information she collected from the Plymouth Records office.

With special thanks to the custodian of the Plymouth Synagogue, Jerry Sibley, for helping every step of the way with information, contacts, tea and kosher cake.

With the voices of  Derek Frood; Jo Loyn; Natalie McGrath; Ruth Mitchell; Jojo Moreschi; Jon Nash; David Prescott; Jerry Sibley & Josie Sutcliffe;

Sound design by Stage Technical Services

This audio trail is funded by Vital Sparks and the Plymouth Drake Foundation.

4340M Vital Sparks Logo FINALimage001

 Here’s what they said…
Absolutely wonderful, been wanting to visit this cemetery for a long while.  H Harris Beaumont.

An absolute gem of social history. I can’t believe I have lived here 62 years and have only just discovered here. Thank you thank you

…amazing, a beautiful little gem that we are very honoured to have experienced.

Fascinating project, you really brought the tombstones to life! Such wonderful characters

Ruth wrote a blog about the making of the audio trail here



Damnation Alley is an audio piece to be listened to whilst walking a route around the Barbican and is available to download onto an MP3 player or smartphone here or here.

This download guides the participant on a journey that begins and ends at the Barbican Theatre, Castle Street Plymouth.

007 Damnation final version15. Queen Anne's Battery

Damnation Alley was the nickname for Castle Street, a small street in the Barbican area of Plymouth that one time was known for its amount of ale houses and brothels. Inspired by an 1851 Government paper into the living conditions in Plymouth, the piece is part verbatum and part scripted. With thanks to Birlin publishers for the use of content from ‘Lost Plymouth’ by Felicity Goodall

Voices of Ruth Mitchell & Derek Frood, Sound Design by Belinda Dixon Media



A Word In Your Ear is a collection of three audio dramas that have been written to be listened to in and around the Theatre Royal Plymouth. We worked with the Theatre Royal Playwrights Forum to create ten-minute audios that can be listened to in various locations within the Theatre Foyer and beyond.
The plays are
Windward by Shiona Morton
Lost Property by Danny Strike
Microphone by Jill Grange
You can find them here

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