solo show

Since our last post Derek has been touring with Theatre Alibi’s successful adaptation of ‘Curiosity Shop’ and David has been curating the pop up Drum season at TR2 (more on that to come). In the meantime Ruth has been creating a solo show as part of her MRes at Plymouth University. Coffee with Vera in the Vestry is a show about heritage and ancestry using oral histories and archival material but with a contemporary twist. It will be performed in the Vestry of the Plymouth Synagogue on Wednesday 22nd May at 3pm and 7pm and also on Sunday 26th May at 12 noon. there is also a tour of the synagogue at 6pm on the Wednesday before Ruth’s performance.

Both Derek and David have had a hand in rehearsing with Ruth, both giving objective feedback, thus enabling an extended dramaturgy to develop. Derek is going off to work at the Tobacco Factory over the summer, the curated season at TR2 will continue until the end of June and Ruth will take her show up to the Jewish Museum at the end of June. We will give updates on all of these as and when they happen.

For more information on Ruth’s solo show click here

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