Johnny Mathis Killed Our Christmas was created in 2014 scratched at Beta Plymouth and performed the North Devon Fringe festival. We have continued working on it and it was part of our residency at the Bike Shed Theatre  October 2015

A couple find a box of slides and a projector amongst family possessions, what stories emerge, do images re-ignite memories or do they get blurred and changed over time?


THE TALISMAN BY RIPPLE with additional text by Nick Discombe (above left)

Devised by ripple, The Talisman was originally workshopped and scratched at the Barbican Theatre Plymouth and then performed in The Drum at the Theatre Royal Plymouth with additional text by Exeter based writer Nick Discombe. We used lighting by Douglas Kuhrt, sound by Richard Price and projection by John Purkis to play with the audience’s imagination. In 2015 we reimagined The Talisman for our Residency at the Bike Shed Theatre running in October, think of an old fireside ghost story/horror tale with a contemporary setting and a modern performance style.

‘It has survived for a thousand years yet few are aware of its existence. Once you come into contact with it, it has the power to control your destiny

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Photography for The Talisman by Lee Hind


ripple was formed in 2005 to take Pricked by Anita Sullivan to the Assembly Rooms at the Edinburgh Festival. It went on to play the Drum Theatre Plymouth and the Ustinov, Bath in 2006.

‘an outstandingly clever,classy and heartfelt piece of work‘ The Scotsman

***** British Theatre Guide
Pricked – Roz is 35 years old, middle class, clean living and healthy. She works in financial services: she is a ‘good risk’. But she starts to suspect something isn’t right. Three weeks later she is in intensive care, fighting for her life.

‘Pricked’ is not a story about illness: it is a story about survival. Roz discovers that living is much more complicated than dying. There are questions she needs to ask of her past, so she sets out to find some answers.