Damnation Alley

Our current work – Damnation Alley – is intended as an audio piece to be listened to whilst walking a route around the Barbican and is available to download onto an MP3 player or Smart phone from the Barbican Theatre website.                   http://www.barbicantheatre.co.uk/damnationalley/

This download guides the participant on a journey that begins and ends at the Barbican Theatre, Castle Street Plymouth.

castle street

Inspired by an 1851 Government paper into the living conditions in Plymouth, the piece is part verbatum and part scripted. Damnation Alley was the nickname for Castle Street, a small street in the Barbican area of Plymouth that one time was known for its amount of ale houses and brothels.

For those unable to take the walk here is a film we have made of the journey

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  1. John Green says:

    Pity the link doesnt work

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